Free Demo

Free Demo

First, DOWNLOAD and INSTALL Free Softphone.
Use Free Demo if you wish to try Cloco phone before Introduction.null

X-lite download page

System Requirement


Windows Xp 32bit 64bit
Windows Vista 32bit 64bit
Windows 7 32bit 64bit

Web Browser

Fast Help Link:Internet Explorer Ver7.0 or higher

Other Links:Internet Explorer Ver6.0 or higher/Fire Fox 3.X or higher/googlechrom 4.X or higher


For Installation・Settings Manual, click HERE.

Enter the following in Softphone Settings Page in Account Settings.

Unique ID
Terminal Password
Display Name
SIP Server
※ You can use both Cloco phone, if you configure it in another computer, during a test call . Enter the number inside the ().


Receive (incoming) calls from the configured phone number in an ordinary phone and mobile phone.

03-4477-2530(Extension 800)

(0000002115 configured Softphone receives Incoming Calls)
It is possible to call the launched Softphone from your mobile phone and ordinary phone. Call the phone
number corresponding to the configured Username on the left side.

Verify Cloco phone’s voice clarity.

This demo ONLY allows outgoing calls to Extension Number for verification. Call time and outgoing calls are limited to 1 hour.

※ Voice is influenced by both network load and PC specs. If you cannot connect, wait for a while then, relaunch the software and try again.

03-4477-2531(Extension 801)

(0000002142 configured Softphone receives Incoming Calls)