Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

cloco , Inc. (undermentioned company) was founded in June 2005 through knowledge management of open
source arrangement and VoIP fusion technology to provide de facto standard business services.

At that time, careful attention has been paid to personal information protection. However, recent incidence of frequent
accidental disclosure of personal information has lead us to reaffirm the company’s policy to serve as the basis of all
our employees in handling your personal information.

1. Acquired personal information will only be used on the services offered by the company.
In addition, handling of personal information is limited only to the identified purpose for which it was collected.

2. Personal information management is strictly implemented. We will not provide or disclose any personal information
to a third party unless a prior consent is obtained to prevent unauthorized access, loss, alteration, destruction, or
leakage of your personal information. Also, if any of these incidents occur, we will immediately investigate and take
appropriate actions to solve the issue.

3. Our company will comply with any related laws and regulations regarding handling of personal information.

4. Any inquiry or complaint on handling of personal information will be acknowledged and investigated in a timely manner.

5. We will implement and maintain a management system to continuously improve personal information protection.

Established: December 1, 2007
cloco Inc. Chairman: Sumihiro Matsuda

For inquiries on Privacy Policy, please contact us at:

Iron Quarter Bldg. 6F 1-1-6 Saga, Koto-Ku, Tokyo, Japan 135-0031
cloco Inc.

Personal Information Reception Desk
Telephone Number: 03-4477-2503
FAX Number: 03-4477-2501
Email: [email protected]

Handling of Personal Information

(1) Name of the Company : cloco Inc.
(2) Privacy Policy Administrator : Chairman Sumihiro Matsuda
(3) Purpose of Privacy Policy Administrator : Utilizes the collected personal information for its specific purposes.
  ・ Verify the principal, content of the contract and billed charges.
  ・ Notify changes on the services provided such as suspension and cancellation.
  ・ Notify termination of contract, changes on terms and conditions and provide other company’s services.
  ・ Offer recommendations on our services via telephone, email and other medias.
  ・ Conduct surveys.
  ・ Develop and improve our services.
(4) Provision on Third Party Disclosure
The company does not disclose or release personal information to any third party unless one or more
of the following conditions is/are met:
  ・ Prior consent or approval is obtained.
  ・ Outsource a part of the business to the extent necessary to accomplish the specific purposes,
provided that the outsourcing body agrees with our confidentiality policies.
  ・ In compliance with laws and regulations stated by the government.
(5) Consignment of Handling of Personal Information
Consignment of handling of personal information may only be done if one
or more of the following conditions stated above is/are met.
(6) Access and Control of Personal Information
Requisition for disclosure, amendment, alteration, addition, deletion, suspension, elimination and cancellation of provision to a third party, of personal information is subject to our regulations and policies. Please follow the procedure listed below:

▽ You may visit our Corporate Office or contact us via FAX / MAIL.
Send us a written request containing the following (no format required):
・Billing Date
・Telephone Number
・FAX Number
cloco Inc will go through a verification process to authenticate the person or customer.
For Agents and Representatives, Special Power of Attorney obtained
from the (authenticated) person or customeris required.
If you wish to disclose your personal information:
  ・ A handling fee of 1,000 JPY (tax included) per contract will be charged.
  ・ A separate fee will be charged for cases with special considerations
(taking into account the necessary additional expenses).
(7) Accuracy of Collected Personal Information
Our company assumes full responsibility on all our services, provided that all collected personal information is accurate and verified by the customer. Inaccuracy may lead to delayed services and inconvenience.
(8) Cannot obtain Personal Information because the Customer is not recognized.
Our site uses cookie, web beacons, etc. There may be cases where personal information cannot be obtained
because the customer is not recognized.
(9) Personal Information Security
We take necessary and appropriate measures as well as employ security policies to prevent leakage,
loss and damage to all obtained personal information. After all inquiries have been answered,
obtained information will be deleted in our system.
This site is SSL Encrypted (Secure Socket Layer).

cloco Inc
Privacy Policy Administrator: Chairman Sumihiro Matsuda
Iron Quarter Bldg. 6F 1-1-6 Saga, Koto-Ku, Tokyo, Japan 135-0031

cloco Inc
Telephone Number: 03-4477-2503
FAX Number: 03-4477-2501
Email: [email protected]