What’s “Cloco” ?

“Cloco” is a cloud-based call center service. You can start your call center operations anywhere and anytime without PBX and telephone line. All you need is a PC linked to the Internet.
“Cloco” provides various functions needed for call centers at a low cost.



Call Queuing
It guides a caller while waiting in case of unavailability of a communicator. Communicators respond to inbound calls in the order they were queued.
Realtime/Historical Report
It allows you to view current and historical data of communicators.
(Customer Relationship Management)
You can upload a CSV file for CRM, and also download CRM data to a CSV file.
Conference Call
You can join or create a meeting using a PC. It reduces traveling cost and promotes communication.
All Call Recording
It saves all calls. You can play the conversations of all completed calls. It helps in quality management.
Text Chat
It is convenient to request an advice and share goals.
IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
After responding to a menu of choices, it connects a caller to the appropriate communicator
You can use Hold, Call Parking, Mute and Call Transfer.

New features: Outbound function


Screen image

Realtime Report

Status Report



Case Study

- Business Environment
A Company provides customer support services for 3,000 customers in the world.

- Used Functions
IVR, CRM, ACD, Report, All Call Recording

In this case, SV imports a CRM file and manages operations for each customer. SV grasps inquiry, response and status for each customer. SV makes a human resource plan using these data.

It plays voice response automatically for calls outside business hours. “It isn’t business hours now. Please call again during business hours.”

- Business Environment
An inbound call center for mail order uses “Cloco”. It sells about 100 items. It has 20 communicators.
Popular items have their own telephone numbers. Other items share one telephone number.

- Used Functions
Notification Sound, IVR, ACD, Report, All Call Recording

An inbound call to popular item informs item name to communicator via voice. Communicators know the item name before talking to the customer.
An expert group deals with popular items. All communicators deal with the other items.

System Requirements

- Optical Fiber recommended
- ADSL isn’t recommended
- Minimum bandwidth (up/down) is about 200 kbps for each user
- YAMAHA RTX1210 recommended for up to 50 channels
- Router’s spec and bandwidth are important
- Existing router may require adjustments. Please contact us, so we can assist you.
- Use of old HUB or multiple connected HUB is not recommended because it causes noise
- We recommend QoS HUB to keep robust and stable communication
- We recommend wired LAN. Use of Wireless LAN depends on the environment
- Browser: Google Chrome
- CPU: Google Chrome browsable cpu
- Memory: Minimum 2GB recommended
- Display: Minimum resolution 1024*768 recommended
【Google Chrome】 Windows Mac Linux
OS Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10
Mac OS X 10.6 or newer Ubuntu 12.04 or newer
Debian 7 or newer
Processor Intel Premium 4 or newer Intel Intel Premium 4 or newer
Disk space 350 MB
RAM 512 MB
- A headset with USB or Jack
- Bluetooth Headset isn’t recommended because it may cause delay or trouble