SIP trunk 2Sip trunk2

SIP trunk 2

SIP trunk2 is a service to inter-connect your IP-PBX with the public telephone network via the internet. Those customer who have their own SIP server can make effective use of our various phone number at low cost.

1)Drastic improvement of CPS
CPS = Drastic improvement of CPS(calls per second) significantly decreased call lost ratio.
Note: If you need more than 40CPS, please contact our support team.
Note: CPS may declines because of limitation existing in the top carrier networks.

2)Ability to authenticate with IP address only
In addition to authentication with ID/Password, you simply can authenticate your server with IP address only.
You can select which type of authentication to use.

3)PBX which supports Optical IP Telephony Compatible
With compatible board, Optical IP Telephony(AspireX) is available.
You can reduce management and communication cost without making change to your existing PBX and phone.
There are several kinds of Optical IP Telephony(Hikari denwa) and not all of them are tested yet.
Please request us if you have a kind of Optical IP Telephony(Hikari denwa) want to be verified.

4)Our various type of phone number are available/span>
Low cost calls using various landline phone numbers (details of landline number are here) are available.
Details of call charge, please refer to Price.

5)Can make and receive calls via internet using SIP protocol
You can make and receive calls with internet broadband connection of general speed.
100KB/s will be consumed per channel.

You also can make and receive calls using several phone numbers with only 1 sip registration.
Please refer to CloudPBX Documents for details.

Note: CloudPBX is a service which provides you the remote utilization of IP phone and PBX(private branch exchange) via internet.

supported IP-PBX
・Asterisk PBX/1.4.x
・Asterisk PBX 1.6.x
・Asterisk PBX 1.8.x
・Asterisk PBX 11
・Asterisk PBX 12
・aspireX note: with IP3WW-32VOIPDB-A1 (32ch VoIP gateway unit)
 software version 05.01
Note: Not all versions are supported. Please be aware that some version doesn’t work properly.

■Same feature as SIP trunk 1
・ Block/Permit outbound and inbound calls
・ OEM function(OEM prepaid)
・ All Call Recording
Note: Please contact support team if you wish to use All Call Recording for SIP Trunk 2.

Supported codec list

Our standard G.711 μ-law
In addition
Note: Codecs shown on the right, Please contact our support team
GSM、G.711 A-law、G.722、G.726 RFC3551、G.726 AAL2、G.729 Annex.A、iLBC、SILK、ADPCM、SLIN、LPC-10、Speex

Note: Other codec may be supported upon your request. Please contact our support team.

【Connected diagram】

You can make and receive calls from/to an external phones using Asterisk without purchasing any expensive communication boards or other hardware.
Just set your SIP trunk 2 account on your Asterisk server, then you will be able to make and receive calls with outer line.

Customer using Optical IP Telephony(AspireX) are available to use our SIP Trunk 2 provided that they have compatible communication board.
You can reduce management and communication cost without making change to your existing PBX and phone.

Cost per Unique
Details of cost, Please refer to Price.
For registration, please refer to Sign up
For support, please refer to Contact.